SHE Getaways was founded in 2009 on two of our fundamental beliefs. One, women are a resource we need to protect. And two, our getaways need to provide a place where women can find the perfect space to take time for themselves. For health, fitness, laughter, growth, reflection, renewal and maybe even change!

Our popular getaways are designed for ALL women. We are proud to be recognized by Get Out There Magazine as Best Fitness Weekends for Women. With our original signature Fall Fit Women’s Weekend selling out 350 spots like wildfire each and every year, we could sense the need. And we have responded! We now include women’s weekends across Canada along with a super sweet Spring Fit Mexico 5 day getaway. We have also created the Mighty Girls Program which we deliver at our Mighty Girls Camp weekend each year for girls age 9-15, as we are on a mission to help support the next generation of strong women!

It is so palpable to us that you are out there every day like an army. Doing your best. Grinding away. Caring for. Giving to. Working. Sweating. Worrying. Loving. Living this wonderful thing we call life! Our getaways are the perfect chance to take a step back and celebrate the beautiful strong woman that is YOU!!!

Grab your BFF’s and join us for one of our exciting getaway opportunities! I mean come on, who are you NOT to deserve it!!


Meet the Gals

Kim Turley-Smith


Wife and Momma, Life Enthusiast, Glass Half Full Kind of a Gal, Crossfit Lova, and most of all Believer in YOU!!!!

Founder and CEO of SHE Getaways. Creator and owner of tillie – a brand on a mission to inspire. www.tillieshop.com

Want to connect? I like you already! kim@shegetaways.com

Lori-Ann McLeod


Wife and Momma, Owner and Operator of Oxygen Fitness, Co-owner of SHE Getaways of Fall Fit and Mighty Girls, Founder of the Oxygen Method, and most of all Believer in YOU!!!!

Want to connect? I like you already! LA@shegetaways.com

Emily Abbott

Fall Fit Canada West Lead


Stacy Chestnutt

Spring Fit Canada East Lead


SHE Getaways is the largest Women’s Fitness Getaway Series in Canada. Passionately creating the perfect space for you to sweat, sip and be inspired since 2009! Workouts. Wine. Wanderlust.